MobileAssist® App embraces local digital currency integration with its SandDollar launch

App Users Can Now Open, Load, Transfer and Convert SandDollars To Cash Using The App

April 12th  2021… In line with Central Bank’s full roll-out its Sand Dollar Digital Currency slated for April 2021, the Bahamian FinTech company CBI Mobile (Bahamas) Ltd, owners of the transactional ecosystem app MobileAssist® have completed integration and have formally introduce the use of SandDollar digital currency, making it available to its base of thousands of users and over 150 merchants nationwide.  

            MobileAssist® app holders can now create a SandDollar account, easily convert MobileAssit® Tokens (tokens carry the same value as BSD dollars) to SandDollars and vice versa as well as load their SandDollar accounts with credit or debit cards.       With thirteen (13) CashBack locations available through the Super Value Quality Supermarkets franchise, app users will also be able to convert Sand Dollars instantaneously for cash via the use of any one of the one hundred and forty-three (143) cashier stations at any of the stores.      

            Said John Rolle, Governor of the Central Bank of The Bahamas, “We are impressed with the functionality and flexibility MobileAssist® now offers SandDollar holders.    One of our most frequently asked questions is how an average consumer would benefit from a digital currency such as ours.    MobileAssist® has successfully demonstrated what we have been explaining since the inception of SandDollar; it can be used everywhere and in everyway a dollar bill and card can and much more conveniently.”

            MobileAssist® also has a network of more than 150 local merchants that feature utility companies like REV and New Providence Water Company, restaurants, car rental companies, beauty salons, freight forwarders, convenience and grocery stores, and non-profits; allowing for the possibility of spending SandDollar on the app in a large and growing transactional ecosystem made up of customer and merchants.   With Janaees Uniform Centre finalizing agreements to become a CashBack location, the company is actively working to increase its cash-out points across the country.

            “We know that people will become more acclimatized to using digital currencies like the SandDollar, in the same way we now use our debit and credit cards.   Our aim is to make the transition seamless, user friendly and most importantly secure and convenient,” said Dr. Donovan Moxey, CEO of MobileAssist®.

MobileAssist®, a modern FinTech Company, has grown to over 101, 000 downloads with more than 8,500 registered users, and over 1,300 digital wallets executing on average 2, 500 transactions per month.  App users are encouraged to update their MobileAssist® App using the Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iPhone) to experience the full functionality of digital payments.    Those wishing to Top-Up their MobileAssist® wallets using can use a debit or credit card, or have their employer pay them directly via their MobileAssist digital wallet using the platform’s payroll feature.


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